A semi-dry red wine with aromas of cherry and ripe plum that yields a perfect balance between the sweetness tannins, and oak. 2.4% RS
Great wine for great weather! This semi-dry rose shows hints of candied strawberry and raspberry. 2.5% RS
Slightly sweeter semi-dry white blend. Aromas of honeysuckle and white flowers. 2.5% RS
We have 3, all dessert wines: A white, a rose', and a red. All our fortified to 18% ABV, and are great to have after a dinner and with a dessert!
Semi-dry white blend with bright citrus flavors and honey undertones. 1.5% RS
Semi-dry red blend. Bright cherry and a smooth finish. Great chilled. 2.5% RS. BRONZE – Mt. Airy Wine Competition
A crisp, semi-dry red wine with great black cherry aromas and tartness. 1% RS. BRONZE – Mt. Airy Wine Competition
our infatuation masquerading
for halloween only! get it now!
A very light, smooth semi-dry white blend. Citrus & apple. Very refreshing! 1% RS
A semi-dry red blend with cherry, blackberry and raspberry characteristics. 3.4% RS
for those with a sweet tooth, we have a pink and a red version, with great fruit aromas and a nice balance of tartness and sweetness
A blend of our red semi-dry wines with fruit juice, now available for on-the-spot filling for you to take home!
A lighter bodied semi-dry red blend with blackberry and dark cherry notes. 2% RS
This semi-sweet white blend has citrus and floral aromas with a hint of honey. 3.4% RS
Our take on France's Beaujolais Nuveau wines, available starting the 3rd week in Nov every year
Our Skull camp wines are meant to be approachable and fun to drink…all made with yor typical grapes - Merlot, Sangiovese, Chardonnay, etc - and with varying degrees of sweetness. We guarantee you'll like them!
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