...so come hang out with us!

After far too many years working at far too big companies, Ken now prefers to meddle about and pretends to occasionally work on beer and wine stuff for Skull Camp. He hopes one day he'll be allowed to brew something.

skull camp started out as a way to explore the fun side of wine... all blends, all semi-dry and all names for...states of mind!

Quake spends her days keeping everyone in good spirits, looking for handouts, and hoping one day we'll feed her exclusively on dog treats made from spent grains!

We have fun making them (and our customers often have fun helping) so we think you'll have fun drinking them!
It was probably inevitable with three home brewers at skull camp and a lot of good friends who brew constantly in our ears...
...Skull Camp Brewing was born! Since mid-2012 we've brewed many different beers, ½ barrel at at time. Thanks to the great response from our customers, in early 2014 we expanded to a new location in Elkin and to a new 10 barrel system. We now need help drinking it all!
We really enjoy hanging out with our customers, so swing by the winery, brewery, or Restaurant and have a glass of wine or a pint with us!
Our new Skull Camp beer and wine tasting room in Elkin is in the old Basin Creek General Store. We built our new brewery right behind it with it's own tasting area as well. In bwtween? A great open area with picnic tables and lawn games. Finally, We're adding a restaurant (yes crazy) in early 2015!

Beer and wine enthusiast, and our newest member of the team- Rita is the events and wholesale manager for Round Peak and Skull Camp Wines. Looking to plan an event or enjoy a cold one? She's the one to find!

If you like skull camp's food, you need to find and thank Marie! With a smoker in the kitchen, TV's on the walls, beer in the kegs and wine in the bottle, she'll make sure your visit is worth every minute!

Good wine starts with good grapes, and Marcelo is the guy out there every day making sure that's what skull camp gets when harvest time comes!

Pheobe is skull camp's official greeter, and, woefully underfed, is really looking forward to the opening of the new skull camp restaurant!

Someone has to get out there, deliver beer, and scour NC for new customers! Jeff does all that and manages the brewery too!

Jeff started a few years ago with a Mr. Beer kit, but is now making crazy good beers! He has his wife Misty to blame!

Kari can most often be found hanging out with customers, tasting wines and beers, making sure events go smoothly, and occasionally belting out songs with the bands that play at skull camp and Round Peak.

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